Administration tips

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There are some interesting additional things you can do with your AAGRINDER server.

Stop the server[edit]

To save the world and stop the AAGRINDER server, focus the console where the server is running and type stop, then press enter. Alternatively, if you want to discard the world (stop without saving), press Ctrl+C.

Restart the server[edit]

You stop the server with the stop command, then start it again.

Add admins[edit]

You can make yourself or other players admins, which gives them some additional privileges. To do this, open the admins.txt file which was created when the server was first started. Type the names of players which you would like to make admins, one name per line. Save this file. The next time you start the server, the new admin list will take effect. If the server is already running, you can reload the admin list with an appropriate server console command.

Change server settings[edit]

There are a bunch of settings that might be useful. I recommend looking at server settings.

Make terrain special[edit]

Although AAGRINDER terrain already has a lot of variety in itself, you could also change the terrain generator on your server, to make it even more special! To do this, go to the aagrinder-terrain directory (folder) and open the file called parameters.cpp. You will find a long list of parameters that can be changed. After you are done playing with the numbers, save the file. Then you need to recompile the terrain generator. To do this, open a terminal in your aagrinder-terrain directory and run the make command. The new terrain generator will immediately take effect even if the AAGRINDER server is already running. Explore some new terrain to see what it's like!

Backup a world[edit]

You can find all the worlds in the saves directory (folder). Each world is saved into its own directory inside the saves directory. To back up a world or share it, zip the folder where the world is saved, then store or send the zip.

Add Matrix bridge[edit]

Unfortunately, the AAGRINDER Matrix bridge does not exist yet.