Server console

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While running an AAGRINDER server, the admin has access to the server console. The console displays various kinds of data about activity on the server. Additionally, the console accepts input on stdin. This allows the admin to type commands in the server console. The following table describes all these commands. Please note that the Enter key needs to be pressed after each typed command.

Please note that these commands are exclusive to the server console, it is not possible to run them from within the game. For a list of in-game commands, see command list.

Command Description
save Saves the world to disk.
stop Saves the world to disks and stops the AAGRINDER server.
chat Takes an unlimited number of arguments. The arguments become a chat message, which is then sent to all clients. In chat, the message source appears as [SERVER].
admin Reloads the list of admins from the files admins.txt and sudo.txt.
forcereload Reloads all clients. Note that just restarting the server does not reload clients, so you will need to run forcereload if you want to update clients to a new version.
log Saves all submitted client logs and server logs to disk. Only available if debug_server is set to true in server settings.

It is currently not possible to close the server console without also stopping the server. If you want to disconnect from the console without losing the session, I recommend using a terminal multiplexer such as Screen or tmux.