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This page contains a list of in-game commands. This list is not necessarily up to date. To see a reliable list of available commands, run the /help command or look at the source code.

Also see a separate list of server console commands.

Non-admin commands[edit]

These are commands that can be ran by anyone. The table contains:

  • the name of each command,
  • a description of its arguments,
  • whether the command is client-side (client-side commands don't interact with the AAGRINDER server) and
  • a short description.

Multiple commands in the same row represent multiple aliases for the same command.

Arguments written in bold are mandatory. Where arguments are written in multiple lines, that represents different configurations the arguments are allowed to have for the same command.

Command Arguments Client-side Description
no List all available commands.
/about no Display links to source code.
/color color no Change player color (visible to all).
/di count no dididididi
/hforhelp yes Toggle the "H FOR HELP" notification.
/home no Teleport to your home.
/log no Send debug logs to server (requires debug server and debug client).
/map yes Remap a key to another key (custom key binding).
/me content no Displays the message as self-action rather than chat message.
/passwd no Change your password.
/ping content no Send something to the server and get it back.
/players no Display a list of online players.
/pop yes Pop?
/pos yes Display your coordinates.
/prompt yes Type your next command or message in a pop-up prompt.
/rainbowme content no Same as /me, but RAINBOW.
/sethome no Set your home to your current position.
/spawn no Respawn (teleport to spawn area).
player_name content no Whisper to another player.

Admin commands[edit]

Commands that only admins can run.

Note that coordinates can be specified either in absolute form or in relative form. Relative coordinates are specified with a ~ and are calculated relative to your player's position. See following example:

/summon ghost ~-10 ~10
Command Arguments Client-side Description
0-2 player no Change a player's game mode
/ghosts no Display coordinates of all ghosts
/give player amount item no Give a player some amount (default 1) of some item
/loaded no Display a list of all loaded chunks
/save no Request the AAGRINDER server to immediately save the world
/setworldspawn x y no Set the spawn point to a specific position (default: your positon)
/summon creature x y no Summon a creature at a specific position (default: your positon)
player targetplayer
x y
player x y
no Teleport yourself or another player to a specific position or another player's position
/tickspeed multiplier no Set server tick speed. Higher multiplier is faster. Default: 1
/setblock x y block no Set a specified block at a specific position (default: your position)
/sudo player command no Run a command as another player. (requires additional privileges)