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This page describes the privacy aspect of the AAGRINDER software and the main server.

Browser storage[edit]

The web client does not use cookies, ads or external scripts, but it can use localstorage for saving your client settings. If you have not changed settings on the client, the client is not using any kind of browser storage.

Collected data[edit]

  • When you log in, your IP address is recorded on the server console and in a log file. IP address is not recorded until you log in.
  • When you send a message in chat, your message is recorded in the server console and in a log file.
  • When you run a command which is not a client command, your command is recorded in the server console and in a log file. Invalid commands are logged as well. However, '/w' and '/whisper' commands are not logged anywhere.

Purposes of collected data[edit]

  • The purpose of logging messages is to allow for inspection of activity in the case of complaints about specific users breaking rules.
  • The purpose of logging IP addresses is to allow for creating an IP-ban if necessary.
  • The purpose of displaying messages in the server console is to allow the server owner to notice activity on the server and join in either in-game or by chatting through the server console.
  • The purpose of displaying invalid commands is to allow the server owner to notice common misspellings of commands, as well as the guesses users make about which commands might exist. These are then considered for being implemented and added into the game.

Control over the client[edit]


The server owner is able to stop or pause the server, which causes clients to lose connection and forcibly log out.

Force reload[edit]

As of June 30 2020, the server owner is no longer able to remotely refresh the browser page. Instead, when the page should be refreshed to get the new version of the client, a red notification will start popping up in the chatbox, asking the user to reload the page.

Sudo command[edit]

Users with admin and sudo privileges are able to run the /sudo command to run commands as other players. The /sudo command does not interact with the AAGRINDER client. It does, however, execute a command as if it came from that client, and can be used for impersonating. It is not recommended to give the sudo privilege to any users. This feature was intended for building chat bridges.