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All of the songs in soundtrack can play in any situation, and can be adjusted with commands. An exception is the song "Followed", which is unused and never plays. The currently (as of 2020.02.20) available songs in the default game are made by Garrett Aldridge and Sergey Afanasov ([BC]afGun) and listed in the following table:

Song title Author Name in the files
O'er Yonder Garrett Aldridge ga01_O_er_Yonder.ogg
I'll Go Where You Go Garrett Aldridge ga02_I_ll_Go_Where_You_Go.ogg
Followed Garrett Aldridge ga03_Followed.ogg
Haydn Seek Garrett Aldridge ga04_Haydn_Seek.ogg
Era on Repeat Garrett Aldridge ga05_Era_On_Repeat.ogg
A Magic World [BC]afGun sa01_A_Magic_World.ogg
Probe Away [BC]afGun sa02_Probe_Away.ogg
Lunar Eclipse [BC]afGun sa03_Lunar_Eclipse.ogg