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Create a player

Steps to create player:

  • Open https://aagrinder.xyz
  • Type your player name and press Enter
  • Press Enter to confirm
  • Type a password and press Enter
  • Type same password again and press Enter
  • Type the name of the color you would like to have and press Enter. A list of colors can be found here. Alternatively, you can type a hex code of a color (example: a01190)
  • Press Enter to confirm

Movement and interaction

Your player is indicated by the letter P of the chosen color.

Use the keys W, A, S and D to move around, jump, climb and swim. Alternatively, spacebar can be used instead of W. Hold Shift to sprint while moving. Left click on a block to break it, right click on an empty space to place a block.

Use the Enter key to chat.

Use the Tab key to open your inventory. Alternatively, the I key can be used. To craft an item, highlight it in your inventory with your mouse and press the C key.

Item farming

Some of the items are farmable:

H (wood) and A (leaves)

Plant and farm trees.

R (ruby)

Created from B (stone) by placing diamonds in near proximity.

# (spooky)

Left by ghosts when they move.

╳ (coral)

Can't yet.

Building mechanisms

doesn't work


This section covers some of the important in-game commands. For a full list, see command list.

Commands are typed in the chat box. Press the Enter key or the slash (/) key to focus the chatbox, then start typing. If you don't start your message with a slash symbol (/), it will be considered a normal chat message and will be sent to all players.

Who's online?

Use the /players command to see who is currently online.


If you don't want to talk to everyone, you can whisper to a specific player by using the /whisper command. It is used like this:

/whisper "Berry Icicle" Hey!

As you can see, you can put quotation marks around a player's name. You need to do this if the player has spaces in their name. In other cases, quotes are not important. Everything you type after the player name becomes your whispered message.

Pro tip: many commands can be shortened. For example, /whisper can be shortened to /w.

Teleporting home

Depending on which server you are playing on, you might be able to use the /sethome and /home commands. The first one sets your home to your current position, and the second one teleports you to that position.

Additionally, there is the /spawn command, which teleports you somewhere in the spawn area.

Removing the annoying pop-up

To permanently hide the H FOR HELP text, you should run this command: /set nohforhelp

To re-enable the hint, run /set hforhelp. You need to leave and re-join the game for the hint to appear.

See all the commands

You can type /help to see a list of all the available commands. You can also look at the command list here on the wiki, but it is possible that the list on the wiki is slightly old.



don't be hugged by ghost. it will only steal all your #s :(

See also: hacking