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The AAGRINDER server has a number of settings, which can be found in the file config.json. This file is created when the server is first started, and it is filled with default values. If the file already exists when the server is started, its contents are read and interpreted. In case any settings are missing, default values are added to the file automatically.

The following table lists all the settings, their default values and their explanations.

Setting name Default value Explanation
level_name "world" The name of the directory where the world will be saved.
level_seed Random value (0 - 65535) The seed, which will be used for terrain generation.
generate_structures true Whether or not structures should be generated.
spawn_monsters true Whether or not monsters should spawn on this server.
load_distance 1 The distance (in chunks) in which chunks are loaded around the player.
enable_unloading true Whether chunks should be unloaded server-side when not needed.
unload_distance 2 The distance (in chunks), beyond which chunks are unloaded on client & server.
gamemode 0 The default gamemode on this server.
allow_home true Whether the /home command is allowed.
server_port 8080 The port on which the server should run.
restrict_to_localhost false Whether only localhost should be allowed to connect to this server.
allow_registration true Whether registration should be publicly available.
enable_autosave true Whether the world should be saved periodically and upon receiving SIGINT.
autosave_minutes 120 The interval for automatic saving.
max_players 42 The number of players that are allowed to play at the same time.
matrix_room_id "" the ID of the (optionally) bridged Matrix room.
matrix_homeserver_url "" Your Matrix homeserver URL.
matrix_bot_enabled false Whether the Matrix bridge bot should be enabled.
matrix_bot_access_token "" The access token for your Matrix bot account.
matrix_appservice_enabled false Whether the Matrix appservice bridge should be enabled.
matrix_appservice_id "aagrinder" The desired ID for the Matrix appservice.
matrix_appservice_url "http://localhost:8433" The URL on which this appservice will be accessible from your Matrix server.
matrix_appservice_domain "" The domain for the Matrix server.
matrix_appservice_bindaddress "localhost" The host on which this appservice will be accessible from your Matrix server.
matrix_appservice_port 8433 The port on which this appservice will be accessible from your Matrix server.
authorization true Whether admin.txt should be checked.
allow_sudo false Whether the /sudo command should be allowed for the users specified in the file sudo.txt.
enable_server_log true Whether a log of logins, messages and commands should be kept.
debug_server false Whether additional debug features should be enabled (increases network load)
enable_debug_log false Whether a log of all events should be kept (huge ram usage!)
enable_autologin false Whether the login screen should be skipped.
autologin_name "user" The name to log in as if autologin is enabled.
multithread 4 The number of threads to use for terrain generation.
welcome_message "" A message that will be displayed after login.