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The following list specifies how items can be crafted into other items. To do this, you should open your inventory, highlight the item you want to craft, then press the C key or click on the area that says "click to craft".

Item Ingredients
t (tree sapling) 20×A
O (button) B (stone) + = (cable)
S (switch) = (cable) + O (button)
M (motor) 16×= (cable) + 8×m (magnetite)
G (grinder) M (motor) + D (diamond)
G# (GRINDER) G (grinder) + 20×# (spooky)
16×= (cable) R (ruby) + 16×- (vine/grass)
% (crossing) = (cable)
♐︎ (block inspector) m (magnetite)
? (cosmetic block shapeshifter) 10×. (pebble)
(sign) B (stone) + 5×c (chalk)
h (chest) 16×H (wood)